Imperial Russia

Opening the gates of a world, that had faded into oblivion. It now lives only in books and a memory of empty palace halls...


Boris Zvorykin - Illustrations to “Boris Godunov”

"Boris Godunov" is a play by Alexander Pushkin, written in 1825. The play is based on history of Boris Godunov’s reign (1598-1605), which is believed to be the beginning of Smuta ( "The Time of Troubles", but I prefer Russian term).

Smuta was a crucial period in Russian history. Civil war, Polish and Sweden invasions, total chaos in governmental, economical and social structures - Smuta almost destroyed  the country. 

Pushkin wrote his play  inspired by Shakespeare’s historical dramas. “Boris Godunov” is highly reverenced in Russian culture - there’re opera by Mussorgsky, based on the play, and  thousand allusions in poetry, literature, art  etc.

By the legend, Pushkin himself was so exulted after finishing the play, that cried: “What a Pushkin, what a son of a bitch!”

Court dress of Empress Marie Alexandrovna at her daughter´s Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna’s wedding, 1874


Alexander III on horseback at Gatchina Palace.



Anna Pavlova and Vaclav Nijinsky in “Le Pavillon d’Armide”, Paris, 1909


Maria and Anastasia at the hospital, probably dated December 1916.


Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna 

The beautiful Romanov Princess - Tatiana Konstantinovna